Of Photographs and Thoughts

Sometimes your heart gets heavy. It’s weighed down by all the demands of daily life. You stop for a moment, take a deep breath. I tend to look through old photographs when that happens. There’s just something about a moment captured in time. Seeing a particular hairstyle again can transport you back to a different time. People who are far away now, both physically and emotionally, seem to have never left.


It’s dangerous sometimes to look at things with a lens dipped in nostalgia, but sometimes it is also necessary.
Can two people ever go back to a good time after a confrontation? Is the risk of finding out worth it? Or is it simpler just to play it safe, while slowly drifting away? Do people ever come back, or is life just a machine that drives people afar, after bringing them very close.

With the infinite number of lives before you, with you, and after you, what are the odds that someone has experienced the same thing you have? No, not a ‘Hey! I can relate to that!’ moment, but a full-on duplicated experience. The same circumstance of a friendship, the same reason to leave, the same jokes to laugh at, the same amount of time spent awake at night, the same amount of time it should have been a yes instead of a no, the same instances of staying shut when you should have spoken up.

I like to think that has happened to someone else too, somewhere across the world, in some time or the other; because if not, then that would make one so alone, so very alone.

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