Revolutionising the Farming of Maharashtra

Involving the youth in the government has always been the ideal scenario for innovation.
One such initiative is Transform Maharashtra where the government of Maharashtra has actually taken an initiative to provide an opportunity to college students in Maharashtra to come up with policies and solutions to 11 critical challenges being faced by the State at present.

In the last three years, the state of Maharashtra witnessed the worst drought in its recorded history, over 60,000 farmers committed suicide and many more were left with poor crops and massive debt.

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One such participating team is Team Zeen who has put forth revolutionary ideas in the theme of Jai Kisan: Drought free Maharashtra
They’re a group of dedicated engineering students from Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering  striving to bridge the gap between the urban community and the farmers;
to introduce the urban people to the grassroots of our economy, while reinstating the faith of the farmers in society.

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The range of solutions proposed not only gives ways of tackling water scarcity but also provides an alternate source of income in times of drought by inculcating practices such as use of Biochar in farms.
Charred biomass replenishes the ground water tables, thereby reducing the dependency of the farmers on weather and water availability for irrigation and other purposes. It is prepared by a low cost home-made oven which can also double as a stove replacing the traditional chulhas.

They have also come up with a unique eco-friendly food packaging made from the tremendous agro-based waste products which are usually burnt or thrown away. Acting as an alternative to traditional plastic food packages that are currently being used by the urban community, it greatly reduces the carbon footprint.
In an attempt to curb the suicide rates of farmers due to financial pressure and their lack of information accessibility, formation of self help groups regionally that provide guidance on how to improve traditional farming practices, basic knowledge of the markets available etc, can be implemented.

Through these sustainable, scalable and environmentally conscious solutions, Team Zeen urges the government to support them in their endeavor through Transform Maharashtra.

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You can help Team Zeen by VOTING for them and get to know more about them here:


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