Baby Vampire

All the baby vampire wanted was to play with his friends. But they never felt the same way.
“You’re too cold.” They’d say. “Vampires suck!” They’d say.
This made the baby vampire very sad. He could live forever, but he had no friends.
One day, a baby werewolf sat next to him.
“Why do you look so sad?” He asked. “Why won’t you play with us?”
Baby vampire explained how the other kids felt repulsed by him.
“It’s alright,” said the baby werewolf. “Just be yourself and everyone will see you for how great you truly are. Take me for instance. Everyone is fascinated by the way I howl. I don’t even have to change who I am!”
The baby vampire thought this over and his eyes lit up in astonishment. He went towards the other children.
They were ready to push him away, but just then Baby Vamps opened his mouth and retracted his fangs.
A collective gasp filled the room as everyone crowded around to watch him.
“He can control his teeth!”
“Look! They’re so long!”
“Did you hear the sound it makes?”
Baby vampire was happy. People were finally appreciating him and coming towards him. He figured out that all he had to do was stop trying to impress people and do the things you’re good at. That way people will like you for who you really are.
Baby vampire then drank the blood of all the children in the room as they ran around helplessly, with their bloodcurling shrieks filling the room, because they were all a bunch of judgemental little assholes who tried to put others down unless they found something that fascinated them.
Turns out he was sad simply because he was hungry.
Baby vampire lived happily ever after.



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