What I’ve Learned From 28 Brilliant Creators

A beautiful and insightful piece

I Miss You When I Blink

It occurred to me recently that I am one selfish mofo. When I interview fellow writers and artists, which I do a lot for work (in addition to writing my own stuff, my jobs are: co-hosting a literary talk show, running an online lit mag, and selling books at an indie bookstore), I often take advantage of the conversation to seek advice on my own queries about creativity, productivity, and life. I’m supposed to be asking questions for the readers and viewers — and I am, I swear — but I also sneak in a lot of chit-chat on topics of my own personal interest. Because come on: It’s all about meeeEEEEeeee.

It was the interview I did recently with my friend Ed Tarkington that made me realize what I was doing. I’m a sucker for time management tips, and I’ve always been totally fascinated by the habit many writers have of getting up in the…

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