What Is Art?

What is Art?
They say:
It is a manifestation of the soul,
It is a person’s voice, speaking things words cannot begin to say.
It is vision,
It is seeing things with a view no lens can provide.
It is divinity,
It is a spark of creativity bigger than any being.
It is melody,
It is a tune so carefully crafted, that only those who listen can hear.
It is aroma,
It tingles the senses and teases long after it’s gone.
It is dew drops on a petal,
It can be touched by all but felt by some.
It is movement,
It waltzes into hearts with grace-filled steps.
It is love,
It holds and comforts when everything seems lost.
It is perennial,
It watches empires crumble as it stands the tests of time.

What is Art?
I say:
It is me, it is you.
No less, no more.



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