Beautiful Day

The woods beckon us with hands of leaves
And the grass lies down waiting
To be trodden upon by our feet.
And we find ourselves at crossroads
Where two trees meet,
That sprouted from the same soil
Never to bend apart.
Then the squirrels scurrying soundlessly,
Almost awaiting our arrival
Hiding in the rosebushes,
Where the bedlam of thorns is
Concealed by the petals.
Almost as if to make you
Forget about the pain.
After they prick your finger and make you bleed.
Which is what walking with you feels like.
And then the sunlight
Shining through the canopy
Dances like waves on the beams of your hair
And makes me wonder how angels must feel
When they see one of them
Standing beside me.

So when the breeze blows and lays bare the land,
And you lie down to watch as the birds fly away.
When you feel you can hold the world in your hand,
That’s how you know it’s a beautiful day.



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