The Lost Toy

I had a toy; a soldier in red
Whose face was set in a frown.
When told to put it away I said,
“I just can’t seem to put it down.”

I took him far away to sea,
To show him the mighty waves.
There I met a boy of three
Who said his name was Dave.

We played all day, and into the night.
We watched as the sky grew dark.
But alas! Horror struck, what a dreadful sight.
Lightning struck with a tremendous spark.

We built a cave, me and Dave,
In the sand where we played all day.
We hid the soldier and tried to save
Him from being washed away.

As the storm grew louder I rushed back inside
Into a loving mother’s embrace.
But my forgotten soldier had no place to hide
As the rain melted away his face.

I saw a boy, about five years on
Holding a red soldier in his hand.
And on its face a smile was drawn
That stayed the same throughout the land.


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