Dreams and Reality feat. The Perfect Phoenix


I wake up, only to fall asleep again
Only in my dreams am I truly awake
I can conjure up sunlight or endless rain
Blurring the line between real and fake.

I close my eyes and then I can see
The beauty and reality of things underneath
Where the only hindrance I have is me
And to me my legacy I bequeath.

Oh how powerful one must feel
And yet how helpless must they seem
If from them one could come and steal
And convince them life is better than a dream.

If there’s one thing I may tell you,
It’s that this world is beautiful too,
The places you go and the people you meet
could never be any more true,
And if you think this world is strange,
Just think of the smiles you’ve got,
The kindness and warmth that kept you alive,
When your eyes suffered from a drought,
Maybe your life is a barren desert,
And you’ve walked a million miles,
But the girl who lives and breathes alone
Still has a hint of magic in her smile,
So every time that you wake up now,
You could pass the love in your soul,
Maybe then you might just say,
That your reality makes you whole.

This was my first collaboration and it happened to be with the insanely talented The Perfect Phoenix.
You can reach her over here. Do check out her blog and leave a comment on what you think about the poem.

Cheers. :)


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