Lessons For My Past

I stand in the shadows as I watch the me of my past.
I watch him look around, trying to fit in
I watch him approach someone, extend his hand
I watch him try too hard, too soon
Trying to make everyone like him
I want to go up there and smack him in the head
Hold him by the shoulders and shake him hard
I want to tell him that most of the people you love
Will either leave you or ruin you
Or worse, fade away without a word.
I want to tell him that many will appreciate
But few will not, out of sheer spite.
And it is their opinion that will keep you up at night
Questioning your every decision.
But I stay quiet and watch,
His bumbling efforts to fit in
The people laughing at his mistakes.
And I watch him, as he realises
To laugh along with them rather than be bitter.
And I smile when I see him smile from within
As he finally understands what it is all about
Even when he tries his best to fit in
He won’t, because he was born to stand out.


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