When she whirls around fire feels uneasy.
She leaves a gust of grace in her wake,
Making all else seem meagre.
Powerful enough to extinguish the flame.

When she speaks the birds stop chirping
Hanging on to catch every word.
No song they sang did ever seem so sweet.
Not even when the songs were in her praise

When she smiles Time himself stops to tick
Lest the moment pass by too fast.
He bows his head down in reverence
To make sure the splendour does last.

When she laughs the heart starts to leap.
Rising and falling like notes to a love song.
Which no musician could hope to interpret
Like the symphony of life, with death far gone.

And when she is herself he falls in love
With the eyes like oceans that could drown inside.
Yet he wades deep into the currents
And lies down smiling when he is pulled in by the tide


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