A silent goodbye, and a hug to follow
Does not begin to encompass the magnitude of my love for you
The future is strewn with roses and thorns
And thinking about it scares even the best
But when I have you by my side
I’m ready to take it head on.
Oh, what a journey it’s been!
Laughs and jokes were plentiful
But we had each others’ backs always
And in the end that’s what friendship is.
I hope to find you all in one of the roses or thorns along the way.
Perhaps to even be there to help me pick up most of those.
To smell the roses with me together
And sit together as we pluck out the petals.
Or to stop the bleeding when I’m pricked by a thorn.
I hope our paths intertwine as we pack up and move on.
I know I’ll smile fondly at everything that reminds me of you.
Or when I pass by what eventually became our little home.
And sometimes at night I’ll browse through all the pictures.
A testimony to our legacy, and the memory of what remains.
And I know it will prick me like a thorn
Knowing that all those times are now long gone
But the happiness will nullify the pain
Knowing in my heart that those were times well spent
Doing the things that I love best
With people whom I love the most
And later on we shall reminisce
About every little joke, every little story.
Every little journey we undertook together.
And later on when we remember this time
We’ll open the gates of nostalgia happily.
And God knows how thankful I am to have you guys
Because you were more than just friends, you were family.


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