A Feat of Courage


This is a story that has seldom been told.
One that survives only in memories of the old.
It begins with a boy who slogged along in the cold.
Charging ahead into horrors untold.

Despite being warned several times.
He paid no heed and marched ahead.
Into something worse than the most heinous of crimes.
Enough to fill Zeus himself with dread.

Thus continued his journey as he trudged uphill.
Blissfully unaware of the monstrosities that would unfold.
In a feat requiring tremendous bravery and skill.
Where weaker men would fall; but he had a strong hold.

He’s still remembered as a warrior, without a doubt.
Though some who hear the tale still label him a fool.
I guess I haven’t told you what this story is about.
You see, that young man, he was walking to school.



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