I Don’t Miss You Anymore

“I don’t miss you anymore”
Is something I repeat to myself 
A mantra 
Over and over 
In hopes that I come to believe it someday. … More I Don’t Miss You Anymore


The Edge

Standing on the edge
Is when you realize

You shall either
Soar or you shall fall… … More The Edge

A Story: One Word at a Time

Oceans. Waves. Rising. Crashing. Thoughts. Galaxies. Swirling. Chaos. Murky. Deep. Lost. Helpless. Flailing. Surrender. Guilt. Shame. Regret. Sadness. Fading. Grasping. Failing. Tears. Goodbyes. Memories. Cycles. Enter. Stay. Love. Exit. Remorse. Indifference. Blame. Acceptance. Release. Changes. Bittersweet. Floating. Flying. Falling. Reality. Party. Alone. Breathe. Laugh. Sing. Write. Hope. Despair. Light. Feel. Embrace. Life. Life. Life.


Every eyelid hides a story. Some are very hard to read, some spill forth with endless tales, borne out of secret pain. Some scurry frantically, seeking some fleeting refuge. While some bore into you, wrenching out deep stories you didn’t even know were there.