A Story: One Word at a Time

Oceans. Waves. Rising. Crashing. Thoughts. Galaxies. Swirling. Chaos. Murky. Deep. Lost. Helpless. Flailing. Surrender. Guilt. Shame. Regret. Sadness. Fading. Grasping. Failing. Tears. Goodbyes. Memories. Cycles. Enter. Stay. Love. Exit. Remorse. Indifference. Blame. Acceptance. Release. Changes. Bittersweet. Floating. Flying. Falling. Reality. Party. Alone. Breathe. Laugh. Sing. Write. Hope. Despair. Light. Feel. Embrace. Life. Life. Life.


Every eyelid hides a story. Some are very hard to read, some spill forth with endless tales, borne out of secret pain. Some scurry frantically, seeking some fleeting refuge. While some bore into you, wrenching out deep stories you didn’t even know were there.

Baby Vampire

All the baby vampire wanted was to play with his friends. But they never felt the same way. “You’re too cold.” They’d say. “Vampires suck!” They’d say. This made the baby vampire very sad. He could live forever, but he had no friends. One day, a baby werewolf sat next to him. “Why do you … More Baby Vampire